Otley Energy was created in March 2019, born out of the Otley 2030 project to create a climate friendly and sustainable town.

It recognises the vital importance of making a positive shift in how we consume, produce and finance energy with an emphasis on community involvement in joint ventures with the town and city councils, as well as major organisations in the energy sector.

Solar for Schools

In March 2020 we completed our first project with Solar for Schools, who invested £23,000 in putting solar panels on All Saints Primary School. In carbon sequestration terms, this is equivalent to planting 560 trees.

The project was completed with support from Leeds City Council and The Church of England Diocese of Leeds and will include educational projects for the staff and pupils.

It is hoped that Otley Library and other schools and organisations in the town will soon follow.

Better Homes

Our goal is for everyone to one day live in a comfortable, healthy and energy efficient home. A home that’s cool in the summer and warm in the winter, costs little to heat and where every room can be enjoyed​, whatever the weather. In other words; a better home.

More than a quarter of all the UK’s carbon emissions comes from the energy we use to heat and power our homes, so reducing this is essential to protecting our planet.

Otley Energy is working with Leeds City Council and Leeds Climate Commission to develop a one-stop-shop for upgrading to a better home. We want to make this process straightforward, providing thorough advice, assured quality, value for money and excellent customer service in a simple end-to-end process.

The work of Otley Energy is of regional and national importance and is helping to shape the future of this industry.

Working with 200+ organisations and communities

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